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The reading is from 454-467
Please write an argument essay based on a close reading of Mary Louise Pratt’s “Arts of the Contact Zone” and that meaningfully engages the following prompt:
Towards the end of her essay, Pratt summarizes her concern regarding the classroom and teaching and asks: “What is the place of unsolicited oppositional discourse, parody, resistance, critique, in the imagined classroom community? Are teachers supposed to feel that their teaching has been most successful when the have eliminated such things and unified the social world, probably in their own image? Who wins when we do that? Who loses?”
In an essay of no less than 1500 (but no more than 1750) words respond to the above series of questions and problems asked by Pratt. Do this by discussing Pratt’s essay and examples she provides and the college classroom as you have experienced it. This prompt asks you to reflect on your own understanding of what does and does not occur in a classroom and your own community, which as college students and human being you presumably have quite a bit of experience in.

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