Your discussion should focus on the following risks: project-specific risk, indu

Your discussion should focus on the following risks: project-specific risk, industry-specific risk, competitive risk, international risk, and market risk
Discuss how diversification in an investment helps in reducing the risk associated with the investment
Use different models like CAPM, APM, etc., to conduct an analysis of risk vs return
Valuation methods used to choose the best investment option
Your discussion should focus on cost approach, market approach and discounted cash flow approach.
Use examples and comparative analysis to support your discussion
A detailed financial plan for the multinational corporation
Here you will discuss how you will create a detailed financial plan for the selected organization. Make sure to consider various barriers associated with capital flows.
The multinational financial management process includes cash management, inventory and accounts receivable management, financing and capital expenditures.
Consider the factors affecting International Portfolio Investment
Cost of capital associated with the corporation based on the current capital structure
In this section include cost of capital computations associated with the selected organization.
Discuss each component used in the cost of capital formula
Discuss challenges associated with cost of capital computations
Capital budgeting and capital structure decisions
Company Selection
You can choose any one of the following MNC’s or you can select a company of your own choice:

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