You will write one essay (at least 800 words) on 3 villains (from 3 different te

You will write one essay (at least 800 words) on 3 villains (from 3 different texts) from our course.
You will have a choice of 3 topics, which are based on the topics and texts from our course this semester.
Please note that you will not be able to write about Joker twice. If you decide to use Joker as one of your three villains, you must write about two other villains as well. In other words, Joker from The Dark Knight and Joker from The Killing Joke do NOT count as two villains. So, for example, you may discuss Joker (from DN), Hannibal Lecter, and Annie Wilkes ( = 3 villains and 3 different texts).
Some tips:
While this is an open-book final, I recommend that you focus specifically on your ideas as well as details from the three texts that you choose to write about.
I expect everyone to provide details from the texts to prove your points / argument; however, I do not expect you to spend too much time looking up quotes. If you can find a quote easily or you remember one then by all means you can include quotes.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT use secondary sources for the final essay. Your essay should be based on your ideas and the three texts from the course that you have chosen to write about.

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