You are working for a large property company as a trainee building surveyor. As

You are working for a large property company as a trainee building surveyor. As part of your development and training you get to spend six months in different departments on rotation. You have recently moved into the design department to broaden your understanding of architecture and to share your knowledge and understanding of surveying. The design department have very good expertise on large scale new build commercial projects, but they lack any detailed knowledge of residential refurbishments and alterations. Your last two rotations within the company were in the maintenance department and the surveying department. Because of this your supervisor has asked you to prepare an illustrated ‘Info Guide’ on the development of domestic architecture and construction techniques. It is intended that the guide will become the main reference document for the design team when they work on refurbishment projects. Produce a detailed and comprehensive, two part illustrated guidance document on the development of architectural styles and residential construction techniques. The document should focus specifically on domestic scale construction. You should clearly show the changes in architectural style and the development of construction methods, and how this has impacted on maintenance requirements over the years. For example, the development and use of precast concrete systems for domestic construction in the 1960’s lead to a number of maintenance issues in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Part one of the guide will consider the following periods of domestic architecture: Pre-War (1900- 1939) Post-war (1945-1960) Modern Post Modern Contemporary Part two of the guide will detail: Traditional methods of construction Modern methods of construction Because the guide is going to be used by the design team your supervisor has suggested that you use a lot of images, drawings and sketches to illustrate the key features. They have suggested that 3-4 annotated images per architectural period with supporting text would be appropriate. Similarly, for the methods of construction they have indicated that photographs and drawings of typical construction details would be most appropriate. You will have produced a clear and detailed illustrated guide to the development of architectural styles and domestic construction. The guide he will have a large number of images which will be clearly annotated and detailed to aid the design team. The final document can be presented in a number of formats, ranging from a traditional paper based portfolio through to an E-Book. You should ensure the format that you choose is appropriate and allows you to clearly demonstrate the key points you are trying to make.

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