Yes, please just type up about 2 pages, responding to the following: Introductio

Yes, please just type up about 2 pages, responding to the following:
–Start with a brief discussion of the subject/topic that you focused on.
–State the purpose and the reason you selected the genre (pamphlet, infographic, podcast, etc.) you did.
Audience and Purpose
–Discuss the intended audience for your new genre.
–Consider your thought process regarding what the audience was likely to know already, would want to know, and need to know.
–Think about how much time your audience would have/want to spend with the information you presented and how this understanding informed your choice of genre?
–Discuss the purpose of the information you chose to present in the new genre. (Is your purpose to inform, persuade, entertain?)
Rhetorical Issues: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos
–Examine the choices you made to ensure your project provide credible information.
–Talk about whether your project intends to evoke an emotional response from the audience and why/why not. Be specific.
–Explore the types of evidence you chose to support the claims of the information you selected to share.
–Discuss how you dealt with the limitations/freedoms of space, time, layout, audience, and so on.
–Review how the structure/layout of the new genre facilitates the purpose of the information you chose. 

–Talk about how you made choices for formal/informal language and why.
–Did you have to re-think any use of specialized vocabulary from WP 3?
What other language features did you have to consider?
–Offer some final comments on the impact of the particular genre in relation to the academic research essay.

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