Written Assignment PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW & REPORT For this assignment, student

Written Assignment
For this assignment, students will conduct a formal “professional” interview with any individual who works in a supervisory or management position. (You may Pick my manager Joe Roken and make up the questions and answers) The purpose of the interview is not to pretend to hire the person, but just to gather information about his/her work history, education, job duties, future goals, etc. This assignment allows you to see what goes into the interview process while exhibiting communication behaviors we’ve learned throughout the class.
The person you interview does NOT have to work at Bergen, but certainly can.
Normally this interview has always been done in person. However, given the current climate in our country and Covid 19 restrictions, this interview can now be done using any form of technology such Zoom, Skype, Face Time, Google hangouts, GoToMeeting, etc… The goal is for you to see each other so you can interact both verbally and nonverbally. Please do NOT conduct your interview through email or a phone call.
And do not record the interview; that often makes people feel uncomfortable. (act as if you’ve had the interview in person)
First, contact your interviewee and explain why you are requesting to meet with them. Please remember professionalism before, during and after the interview process. That includes establishing initial contact, being on time, shaking hands, wearing appropriate attire and asking appropriate questions. Don’t forget to start your interview explaining why you are meeting with them and concluding the interview by thanking them.
Your interview should last approximately 20-30 minutes and you should have several questions prepared in advance. Your questions should be professional and focus on the person’s job, career, work experience, career goals, education, degrees earned, prior work experience, future goals, etc… Make sure you put thought into the questions before you meet with the person. Try to ask open-ended questions which allow the person to give thorough answers. You do not want only yes or no answers. And be sure to listen carefully during the interview in order to ask follow up questions on the spot.
Do NOT ask any personal questions. ALL questions should be professional and related to work, career, or education. Refer to the information and examples on Moodle for help with creating questions.
Please include a list of your interview questions with the person’s answers.
This should be a typed list of questions that you used during your interview. Please be very thorough with your questions and the person’s answers. You don’t need to write everything word for word, but try to be as informative as you can.
This should be typed in a bullet format of question-answer, question-answer, etc
You should have at least 10-12 questions. Please include any follow-up questions that came up during the interview.
Who you interviewed and why you chose that person
Your reaction to the experience and process; what you liked/disliked and why
What you did to prepare for the interview
What the setting was for the interview; where did you meet, how long was the interview, how many questions did you ask?
What did you find most interesting about the person?
Anything you wish you did differently? If so, explain.

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