Write an argumentative essay about Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas. S

Write an argumentative essay about Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas. Support your ideas with evidence (especially in the form of direct quotes blended into your writing) and examples. Be detailed. Use precise language.
Remember: Argument = What has NOT been said. This is your VOICE. Think of your essay as “adding on to the conversation.” By conversation, we mean the book, the modules, the discussion boards, and any other research source/article/book/movie/lecture that focuses on the topic at hand.
Your paper should have a clear structure and few if any grammatical errors (discipline) but it should also explore new ideas and potentialities (creativity). Below is only a limited list of topics. You are free to write on another topic of your choice so long as it is related to Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas and you have an engaging, central idea.
Guidelines: 1000 – 1,500 words (about a 4 to 6 page paper) double-spaced in MLA format
1) Douglass composed his narrative twenty years before the surrender of the Confederacy to the Union in 1865. Using evidence from the book (and from outside sources if you choose), argue how we might read this book differently in 2021 than many Americans might have read this narrative in 1845. In other words, what social, historical, and racial conditions have changed since 1845? What conditions have stayed the same? You may also want to consider how people of different cultures or backgrounds might react to the text differently. Does a student from Japan or England read the text differently than a student from Connecticut, California, or Alabama?
How do you think Frederick Douglass reaches across generations? Why has this book, more than others, stood the “test of time”? What makes reading this book so compelling? Why do you think it has remained popular for almost two centuries? What role do empathy and understanding play in the book’s importance? How do people of your generation reflect on the voices of 1840’s Americans?

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