Write a thoughtful, cogent essay that compares/contrasts Eugene O’Neill’s father

Write a thoughtful, cogent essay that compares/contrasts Eugene O’Neill’s father,
mother, and older brother with their fictional counterparts in the drama. Consider how
and why the characterization of Edmund (O’Neill’s self-representation) is similar to or
distinct from James, Mary, and Jamie Tyrone. As you engage in a close reading of the
text and research O’Neill’s personal life, consider the play’s symbols and central
themes—addiction, isolation, denial, loss—as well as a broader exploration of human
nature, memory, and the lasting emotional impact of dysfunctional relationships. Do the
traditions of Roman Catholicism make forgiveness elusive for the guilt-ridden Tyrones,
yet all the more essential for O’Neill himself? Speculate as to the author’s aim in
immortalizing his Irish heritage and painful familial dynamics on the page. Is O’Neill
ultimately successful in his cathartic attempt to “face his dead” and transcend the “old
sorrow” of his dark past? Is theatre uniquely suited to reach this goal? Why or why not?
*Since space is limited, resist the urge to include O’Neill’s epigraph in your paper. Also,
you are not expected to cover all of the questions outlined above—only what applies to
your specific analysis. No matter what the topic, use concrete examples from the play in
addition to relevant critical theory and scholarly articles to support your argument.
Formal requirements are as follows:
• All papers must be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font.
• All papers must be titled (no title page necessary), include a proper heading, page
numbers, MLA documentation, and a Works Cited page.
• All papers should feature at least five (5) scholarly sources. Articles referenced in
your paper do not have to be peer-reviewed, but at least two (2) of the total number of
entries in your Works Cited must come from print (a.k.a. non-Internet) sources.
• Minimum of six (6) full pages, double spaced. Do not exceed eight (8) pages.

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