Write a 3 – 5 page research paper about one of the Nobel Prize winners, either i

Write a 3 – 5 page research paper about one of the Nobel Prize winners, either in Physiology and Medicine, or in a biological topic in Chemistry, (only in a biological topic, i.e. the chemistry of biology or biological or environmental systems). The paper will consist of two sections:
The first section will be a biography of the prize winner. If the award was given to multiple winners that year, write the biography on only one of the winners. (Biography is only part of the story à).
The second section will be on the science of the award. Put the work in context. What was the state of biology before the work? What was the work and results? How did they change biology? What were the long term effects of the work and those who built on their work? How have our lives been affected?
For a three page paper, the biography should be one page, the section on the science of the award two pages. For a five page paper, the biography can be up to 2 pages, the rest of the paper should be on the science of the award. (Biography is only part of the story!).
Try www.nobel.se (Links to an external site.) and www.nobelprizes.com (Links to an external site.) as starting points for finding and selecting a prize to write about. Or check an almanac or encyclopedia. If doing a recent winner, look for their personal or research group or university or company web site. Search key words of the discipline and research area the winner worked in. Use hard copy sources in the library too, if available.
The paper should be double space, 14 point font, 1” margins top and bottom, 1” to 1-1/2” side margins. The paper must include a bibliography and/or literature cited section at the end.

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