What should I write? The purpose of this assignment is to tell the entire biblic

What should I write?
The purpose of this assignment is to tell the entire biblical story in a brief, written narrative. You have limited space to complete the story (see below), so the challenge will be to decide what points of the story to highlight, what to mention in passing, and what to leave out. As your instructor sees it, this assignment is the essential assessment of your mastery of this course. You can use your textbook, Telling God’s Story, to help you organize and prepare your story. An overview of the biblical story (identical to this assignment, only longer) is provided on pp. 1-9.
How long should it be?
Your Bible narrative must not exceed 1250 words and should be at least 1000 words in length. Points will be deducted from narratives that exceed 1250 words (in the main body).
How should I write?
For this assignment, you are the storyteller. Students must use a narrative format. This is not a formal research paper, an essay, or any kind of propositional reflection on the ideas represented in the story. The goal is to tell the story of the Bible. You have encountered the remarkable craft of the biblical storytellers throughout the course- now it’s in your hands!

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