Welcome to IDS 400! When we approach discussions about diversity, we each come t

Welcome to IDS 400! When we approach discussions about diversity, we each come to conclusions with our own perspectives that have been shaped by our experiences. As we begin our first discussion, take a moment to consider what has influenced your ideas of diversity and compare those ideas with what you read in this module’s readings. Then, address the following:
Introduce yourself to the class by sharing a bit about yourself, such as your preferred name, where you’re from, and your major.
In your own words, define the term diversity and discuss how it is used or impacts your daily life. How does your definition compare and contrast with those that were presented in the readings?
What is the influence of diversity on your chosen field of study or future profession? How can you use your understanding of diversity in your professional career?
In response to your peers, provide feedback about their definition of diversity. Compare and contrast your answers and consider the following:
What are the similarities and differences between your peer’s response and yours?
How do the two definitions of diversity help to illustrate how diversity and society are intertwined? How can a perspective through the four lenses help to provide a greater understanding of diversity?

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