Topic: What was going on socially during the Renaissance period that drove peopl

Topic: What was going on socially during the Renaissance period that drove people to appreciate the popular art of the time?
Part 1. 700-word Analytical Essay
Write an analytical essay using Scholarly Research only (no Artistic Research). Discuss the background of your topic using factual research information that helps you explain the topic you are diving into. Focus on academic sites and museums as reliable sources for resources. You may also consult Art Journals. Scholarly articles can be found through .org or .edu websites and also through Google Scholar. You may also use various textbooks if you have them on hand.
Part 2. 500-word Reflective Essay
Compare your Scholarly and Artistic Research and write a 500-word essay about the similarities or differences.
Part 3. 300-word Artwork and Description of Artwork
Create your own artwork that resembles the artist or style that you are researching. Then create a 300-word essay using vocabulary learned throughout the course to demonstrate mastery of writing skills to explain your artwork.
You must include all 3 parts of the assignment to receive full credit. For all written work, write in MLA or APA format. Double spaced size 12 font in Times New Roman. Be sure to utilize the vocabulary, concepts, and principles of art that we have covered throughout the course. You must also include your bibliography which will not be included in the word count.
*I provided the annotated bib for you. You can just use those resources.

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