Topic: What is causing the current inflation in our Economy? 1. Please read/watc

Topic: What is causing the current inflation in our Economy?
1. Please read/watch the material provided and write a 2-page (minimum) paper explaining what is impacting our economy in the short run and what impacts are expected in the long-run. You should address concepts such as Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, the Federal Reserve, and other topics we have studied in your explanation. Please include justification for your reasoning as you answer the topic question. Your goal is to persuade us that this is why you feel these are the contributing factors and why.
Make sure you highlight three (3) Economic Concepts you identify being used in the articles. Use bold font and explain how they are being illustrated, do NOT define them or write an example from our textbook. Your job is to identify how they are being used within our current economy and how they are impacting inflation (either increasing it or helping us deal with it.)
2. After completion of your review, on a new sheet, list your three identified concepts and summarize how they were used. Then write 3 critical thinking questions, including answers, based on your chosen concepts three. (Hint: use your summaries to help write your questions.)
Number your questions.
Your questions must relate the articles to the concepts.
You should have at least one question tied to each concept.
Your answers should clearly illustrate how the concept is used.
3. After your questions, include a final paragraph. Your final paragraph should clearly answer the topic question asked at the beginning of the instructions.
Make clear your understanding of the concepts and economic situation, do not copy and paste phrases from the articles without including explanation and interpretation.

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