Topic is: Why most Pro-Athletes go broke soon after retirement. A methodological

Topic is: Why most Pro-Athletes go broke soon after retirement. A methodological approach to the solution.
Part 1: Literature Review (35pgs)
Part 2: Introduction (21pgs)
Part 3: Methodology (18pgs)
Part 4: Results & Findings (17pgs)
Part 5: Discussion (19pgs)
Part 6: Summary, implications & Conclusion..12pgs; plus Abstract..1pg; + Figures, tables, list of abbreviations and glossary…8charts; + Dissertation Defense 22
Part of the solution, the team owners or top executives will mandate or force all athletes to:
1. go through a financial literacy program
2. set aside 30% of all the athlete’s earning during their active years, and would access to these money once they retire.
These money would be invested into Real Estate, this would be handled by an non for profit.
3. invest 5% of the athlete’s income during their active years towards altruistic activities… this is great because it gives the athlete the real sense of life that is giving back…. also once they retire (at-will or by force) they will adopt easily to the real world and have a meaning to their live by these activities, which will help the now retire athletes to prevent them from making bad choices.
This will show that the teams are doing a great and real CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), because by helping the athlete preserve their wealth, then they will continue have all their workers working with them. Then will affect the local communities because people will preserve their employment working for the now retired athlete.

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