Throughout the semester, we will explore different ways of understanding, explai

Throughout the semester, we will explore different ways of understanding, explaining, and promoting learning, including factors that might inhibit it. In this assignment, you will draw on some of these perspectives to consider how to improve learning. You will focus on a specific instance in your experience where intended learning did not go as planned. In this instance you might be the learner, the teacher, or an outside observer.
In an 2,000 to 2,500 word (around 8-10 pages) double-spaced paper, you will first describe the instance, focusing on what didn’t go as planned. You will then use frameworks and perspectives from the course to explain what may have contributed to this outcome. Your analysis should attend to how learning was conceptualized, the nature of the designed learning opportunity/environment, including the role of the teacher (if appropriate), the learner’s experience, and other social or contextual factors that might have contributed. You will conclude your paper with a description of how you might change the learning situation to make it more successful. More details will be provided in class. You should review the more detailed description of the assignment below and look over the examples.
It basically can be an extention of my former paper -Application of the Knowledge Learning Instruction in Personalized Learning. But DO NOT copy from that paper. Can rephrase the situation – can use the topic.

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