This is the format the Prof. provided Project Paper Structure Once your paper p

This is the format the Prof. provided
Project Paper Structure
Once your paper proposal is approved you can continue to work on research and composing your paper.
Your paper should be structured as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Case/Topic Description
3. Case/Topic Analysis
4. Implications and Recommendations
5. Conclusion
6. References
The introduction should provide a brief overview of the cybercrime case/topic and inform the reader of the core issue of the paper, as well as provide a brief outline on the sections. It is recommended to write the introduction during the final stages of composing the paper.
Case Description
Describe your case as detailed as possible. Include information on the context (social and technological depending on what is applicable to your case). Find at least five substantial sources on your case to respond to the questions of:
What happened? – Outline relevant events chronologically;
Where did it happen? -Consider national jurisdictions are involved;
Who was involved? – Describe the actors (offenders and victims) of the event/issue;
What was the response from law enforcement?
What is the cybercrime concern and why is it important?
Note, that based on your case/topic not all of these questions might be relevant. Adapt to the relevant information to present the cybercrime concerns of your project and try to address why it is a problem.
Case Analysis
Analyze the elements of your case that you outlined in the description based on their characteristics and methods. Some of you focused on an individual, others mentioned a group, or discussed a cybercrime issue in general. Make sure to pinpoint social, moral, or technical problems of the case.
The questions below are guidelines on what you should cover in the analysis. Not all are necessarily applicable depending on your case, but this might give you ideas to approach the analysis.
What were the offenders’ background and motives?
How significant were cultural and/or technological aspects to the case?
What was the modus operandi/strategy of the crime and what circumstance did the offenders take advantage of?
What was the response to the crime by law enforcement, government, and society.
How is the crime a systemic problem?
How did the offenders organize and how was the group structured?
4. .Case Implications
Discuss the implications based on your analysis in terms of the impact of the crime on society and/or a specific population, government, law enforcement, or specific organizations. Provide recommendations and strategies to mitigate the cybercrime concern.
As your topics cover quite a broad spectrum, the list below are suggestions for directions you can take.
Identify the harms inflicted on the victims and if applicable, the costs incurred.
Are there any existing measures that address the problem and are they successfully implemented and appropriate?
Who are the actors that should be involved in addressing the problem?
Are there technical solutions to the problem?
What should be the role of the criminal justice system to address the crime problem?
Wrap up your paper by summarizing the most important points. You can also include your opinion here.
List your references in APA-Style at the end of the paper. All your references must be from credible sources.
Below is the proposal on the topic. You can include some of the information lol.
Yahoo is known for providing online utilities such as email, chat groups, instant messaging, and search engines. In 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo designed and created yahoo. Over the years it has grown rapidly and today they have over 225 million active users. Like many companies, Yahoo became a victim of cybercrime. In 2014, Yahoo data was breached by Russian hackers. The hackers were able to obtain phone numbers, passwords, email addresses, birthdates, and security questions/answers for 500 million people (McAndrew, 2018). Yahoo did not make this information public despite having one of the largest data breaches. Because the information stolen by the hacker was for sale on the dark web, this data breach was critical. Yahoo data breach did not become known till 2016. According to McAndrew, in 2016, yahoo and Verizon were in talks of making business. Yahoo would sell its operating business to Verizon. As Yahoo began to inform Verizon of the company’s process and data, they only disclosed nonserious data breaches. Till yahoo’s new chief information security officer (CISO) exposes the data breach’s truth. McAndrew stated that Yahoo “filed the Verizon stock purchase agreement—containing an affirmative misrepresentation as to the non-existence of such breaches—as an exhibit to a July 25, 2016, Form 8-K” (McAndrew, 2018). An 8-K form is a form that all companies are obligated to report under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to inform all shareholders of the companies’ progress. Yahoo lied in the 8-k form and denied the 2014 data breach from taking place. This denial and non-disclosure affected Yahoo’s reputation and financially. Their stocks decrease, lost billions of money in market capitalization, and affected their contact with Verizon
SEC filed the first case and penalty against Yahoo for failure to report the known data breach in public filings. Yahoo violated the Securities Act and the Securities Exchange Act. They were ordered to pay 35 million dollars for their part in the breach. As for the hackers, one of the four is in police custody and sentenced. Karim Baratov was indicted in 2017 for the yahoo hack and other cybercrime. Baratov was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay a fine of $250,000. His other co-defendants have not yet been caught but are on the FBI’s Cyber Most Wanted list.

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