This is an individual assignment. Locate the podcast “How I Built This”. You can

This is an individual assignment. Locate the podcast “How I Built This”. You can find it here (
It is actually easier to get an overview of the episodes and their content through a web browser. Locate an interview with an entrepreneur that seems interesting. The podcast started in the fall of 2016 with weekly episodes, and there are over 100 episodes in total. So there should be something that appeals to you. Please avoid the live episodes.
1. Write a title and your name
2. Include the name(s) of person interviewed and the date of the interview
3. Write down each thing you found interesting or surprising and why. For example, you may write “She started the business when she was a sophomore in college”. And then “I expected her to be much older when she started”.
4. Once you have written down all your observations of this kind, write an overarching reflection of what you found and what you learned.
Write 2-3 pages, single space and normal 1 inch margins. Please include a title, your name and page number on your submission.
If you have any questions, please be in touch.
Grading will be done based on:
a) Extent of issues noted and included in the report
b) Depth of analysis of why you found these particular issues of interest
c) Overall impression of report, including language and form

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