This is a research paper that describes the sample of analysts in terms of socio

This is a research paper that describes the sample of analysts in terms of sociology demographics, work settings and salary. It has been ran through SPSS using univariate, bivariate and the third one is multivariate regression. It examines the relationship between public sector analysts gender and salary. write the rest of the research brief. It has to include the Introduction: Please begin with a 2 paragraph introduction. Like the articles we have read, this section should provide: • The policy context for the study (what is known about gender differences in salary generally and for public sector employees in particular), and • A clear statement of the research question. • Methods: Please detail in 2 paragraphs the key aspects of the study’s methods, including: • Data (the data source, the inclusion criteria, and the sample size), * Variables (independent, dependent, and control variables), and • Statistical tests (bivariate and multivariate). • Results: add two paragraphs of multivariate results. The first paragraph of the multivariate write up should focus on the results of the key research question, and the second part can highlight any other findings of interest. • Discussion: Please conclude the research brief with a 2 paragraph section that includes: • Highlights of the key findings, • The policy and management implications of the findings, and • Limitations of the research and/or areas for future research. I will attach below the tables for table 1 and 2 so you can get a better idea and also table 3. We used univariate analysis for table 1 and bivariate analysis for table 2 and multivariate regression for table 3. You have to write the research brief. Please use the following subheadings to indicate each section of your research brief: introduction, methods, results, and discussion. • For the introduction section, you will need to cite at least three relevant studies. They can be academic articles or newspaper articles. I need this by Friday December 17, 2021 by 7PM. Once I select your bid I will get in more details and examples of the research paper that is attached below.

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