This final project is an expansion of your case study research findings presente

This final project is an expansion of your case study research findings presented in class. Your final paper will ultimately allow you the opportunity to expound and explore various components of your particular case study, or a comparative analysis of two case studies of Africana women’s interventions in the COVID-19 response, as introduced in the class presentation.
Remember Dr. Filomena Steady’s theoretical framework of female leadership as developed in her book Women and Leadership in West Africa: Mothering the Nation, Humanizing the State, and Dr. Oyeronke Oyewumi’s in her reader What Gender Is Motherhood?, Dr. Niara Sudarkasa’s anthology The Strength of Our Mothers, Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw’s talk “The Urgency of Intersectionality”, as well as Dr. Galvez’ enlightening lectures. Your semester course materials constitute the primary sources you will be expected to utilize to write an elaborate introduction and support your case study academic research.
Your substantive introduction sets the stage, moving from the general (course thrust and driving themes, course core concepts and theoretical frameworks such as Human Rights approach, Ubuntu (shared humanity), Intersectionality, Badenya (mother-childness) or drive for collaboration, cooperation, coalition, solidarity, unity, servant and transformational leadership, to solve problems and achieve common good and social change) to the specific (your case study broad characteristics that you will develop in your essay).
Your Paper development is an in depth presentation and analysis of your case study findings that you buttress and connect to the course materials and general tenets outlined in the first parenthesis above. You may also make good use of relevant citations along the way when they effectively corroborate or reinforce your points. But remember, no unnecessary or irrelevant quotations!
Your conclusion is clear, pulls your main takeaways together, and looks ahead in terms of policy proposals and other social changes.
Your bibliography includes works read and cited throughout your paper presented in an appropriate format consistent with your selected documentation style.
Your final research paper is well organized with a substantive introduction, an analytical development, a clear conclusion, and a bibliography. It will be 5-7 pages typed, double spaced, with 12-inch font, using Times New Roman. Choose a documentation style used within the field of research (Chicago Style, APA, MLA, etc) and be consistent throughout in the way you use citations. Bear in mind CUNY Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Policy.

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