These final assignment instructions have been available since the first day of t

These final assignment instructions have been available since the first day of the course October 4. This FINAL research paper will be due Sunday December 12. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO LATE PAPERS. So far, we have completed the first four sections (Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review and first part of References) of our research paper that was counted as your midterm. Now, we will add the last three sections of your papers (Methodology, Results, and Conclusion) to complete the paper that will be counted as your final paper. Please have a look at the template attached below, review these three sections (Methodology, Results, and Conclusion), and design your paper accordingly. The methodology section should state the names, and descriptions of the research methods that the scholars used from your citing them in the midterm, which was the first part of this paper. Please avoid plagiarism to get your full credit points. I would prefer your own writings that may have some typos and grammatical mistakes to a plagiarized assignment.
(1) You should paraphrase and cite from at least 10 sources to support your thesis in the paper;
(2) You should also show the sources you used in the References section of your paper, too (as shown in the beginning of the References section of your template paper).
(3) Your final paper should be no less than 1000 words.
(4) APA writing format is recommended.

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