The topic is Pressure sore in spinal injured patients in the community.  The ass

The topic is Pressure sore in spinal injured patients in the community.  The assignment writing is based on an innovation for the proposed topic.
What I want to achieve is to justify why the proposed innovation is relevant and support it with evidence .
The proposed innovation is “Provision of beds with integrated pressure mapping system ”
Discuss this under
1, Current practice
Itemise and discuss the current practices providing citation  and highlighting pros and cons of these practices.
2, Best practice
Please highlight the best practice in preventing and managing pressure sores citing recommendations and references by different people across jurisdictions
3, Proposed innovation
The aim, objective and relevance of the innovation should be itemised and discussed.
4, Trans professional implications of the
What are the implications to the professional delivery by professionals,  the implication of Cross professional synergy in relation to this innovation,  and the impact it would have on working relationship between professionals and service deliver to the patients.
5, Implications for person centered care
How does it impact person centered care and the implication for the service users experience .
6, Implications for personal practice
How does this innovation impact you in your professional practice?

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