The purpose of this assignment is to bring together all content and practice app

The purpose of this assignment is to bring together all content and practice applications throughout the course. Build on knowledge from this course’s assignments, readings and seminar activities to assist in the completion of this assignment.
This assignment will be done in pairs.
Based on “Chris” from the Truman family, the assignment will include:
a) agreement for service (blank)
b) consent form (blank)
c) collateral request letter
d) referral letter
e) 3 case notes (your choice – 3 of 5 from videos shown beginning in week 4 – and on your own time)
f) social history (NOTE: review expectations for social history below)
g) genogram and an ecomap
For Agreement for Service and the Consent form, you can search online for examples and review examples provided on D2L. Students are required to design your own. DO NOT submit exact copies of examples provided in class or found online.
The referral and collateral letter need to be relevant to the client’s needs. When thinking about where to refer Chris or where to gather background information about him, be sure to make it relevant to his specific situation.
The case notes will be written from videos shown in week 4 and on your own time.
These videos also provide important information that will help populate the case file, including the social history, formulations/impressions and genogram.
Social History: Use the same template/format as you did for the Social History assignment due in week 9. We will be adding a final component (template posted to D2L):
Formulation/Impressions. Once the background information section has been completed, create a new heading “Formulation/Impressions”. Here, students will provide their hypothesis of the cause and nature of the behaviours as reported. Include 2-3 ideas. Finish with two recommendations.

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