The paper should be approximately 5 pages long and contain at least 5 references

The paper should be approximately 5 pages long and contain at least 5 references.  At the top of the Term Paper, in about 5 – 8 sentences, state a brief summary of what the Term Paper is about.  
TOPIC: Sociology and Race
I.   Introduction
In this section, you discuss the key concept of the paper.  Why this topic represents an issue?   What has been the traditional approach in addressing this issue?  Conclude this section by noting that in exploring this issue your approach will emphasize….  Note the materials that you will use as you address the issue – e.g., journals, textbooks, the web, media sources, etc.
II. Findings
In this section, you note what you have uncovered in your research literature review.  Here, you present the pros and cons – e.g., Smith (1998) notes that…  On the other hand, Jones (1999) contends….
III. Discussion
Provide a substantive analysis based on the literature review in terms of
a. Where we are at
b. Why
c. What you would feel would be a better course of action  
Here, you not only show how well you have digested what you have read, but also the impact that it may have on education.
IV. References
The term References is used rather than Bibliography because References denotes the sources that you actually used and made reference to in your paper.  Whereas a Bibliography is simply listing of books.
Make sure that your References list adheres to the APA guidelines.

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