The first step to developing an insightful paper on a topic is to REALLY read an

The first step to developing an insightful paper on a topic is to REALLY read and fully understand what you have read. You’ll use critical reading skills: annotating, listing notes and questions, summarizing, and critically analyzing the film (and excerpts of the play), Raisin in the Sun.
Please review all guidelines in the textbook and class notes to be sure you have included the following:
Hook us in, let us know something about the text/film.
Indicate the current relevance of the film/play.
Present your thesis, indicating what aspects of the play/film you’ll analyze to convince your reader to read and understand the film as you do.
Present your analysis. State your key evaluation (where and how much the original text succeeds or fails at convincing its target audience) by carefully showing the source’s rhetorical techniques and your analysis of each in terms of logos, ethos, and pathos.
Address the rhetorical situation: purpose and audience
Make sure your paragraphs are organized in a logical way and that each has a clear topic sentence.
Leave your reader thinking about this issue.
The following pieces must be attached to your final paper.
Annotations. Please attach two-three pages of your annotations from the text of the play. I am looking for a minimum of 1-2 comments, notations per paragraph. Aim for all 5 types of annotations (definitions, clarifications, comments, questions, notes on rhetorical strategy including thesis and evidence) at least once, or more, throughout.
Outline. Make a preliminary outline including: TOPIC, THESIS, KEY POINTS and examples, and CONCLUSION
A 3-4-page essay and Works Cited page. Show your careful reading and reasoning in an essay that summarizes, uses both quotes and paraphrase, presents and analyzes key points and evidence of the original text, and argues your own thesis.
Correct MLA citation for in-text citation and Works Cited page.

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