The final paper aims to give students the opportunity to demonstrate a critical

The final paper aims to give students the opportunity to demonstrate a critical understanding of
families as a social structure and how they are impacted by economic, political, and social
structures. Students will apply selected themes or topics learned in class to demonstrate insight
gained about the students’ own sense of family understanding- essentially answering the question,
“What are the sociohistorical trends that have shaped my family?” related to course material.
Student must include concepts that enable them to discuss events that have influenced their
family’s her/hiStory.
For example, students can define and critically assess changing gender roles and expressions within
Chicana/o/x families, contrasting parent/guardian roles and obligations, transnational parenting,
Chicanx/a/o adolescent experiences and the influences of society, peers and siblings may have
within Chicanx/Latinx children within the familial context, and how they are also impacted by
heteropatriarchy, racism, and colonialism. Many of the themes/topics will overlap and inform one
another and this will be key to point within your paper. In discussing these events, feel free to bring
in how social issues/institutions/etc. have influenced your life such as legal systems, schooling
institutions, economic structures, etc.
The paper should be 3-5 pages in APA format (7th edition), double-space, 1-inch margin. Students
should utilize class readings as references (minimum of 6) within their analysis.
Use the readings as reference.
Important: Synthesize and correlate accurately.
Use 9 sources.

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