The End Game of Public Policy Before a policy can be created, a problem must exi

The End Game of Public Policy
Before a policy can be created, a problem must exist that is called to the attention of the government. Illegal immigration, for example, has been going on for many years, but it was not until the 1990s that enough people considered it such a serious problem that it required increased government action. Another example is crime. American society tolerates a certain level of crime; however, when crime rises dramatically or is perceived to be rising dramatically, it becomes an issue for policymakers to address.
Consistent and effective policies at the federal level are critical to the success of government and nonprofit organizations. What factors determine a successful vs. ineffective public policy?
Write a 3–4 page paper in which you do the following:
Using a policy from the topic you chose in assignment 3:
Provide a thorough background and history of your chosen policy. This should include what underlying issue the policy was intended to address, who the major influencers were in creating the policy, and when it was officially adopted.
In your opinion, was the policy a success or failure? Why? Be sure to list at least one positive and one negative outcome of the policy.
Defend your position with substantial professional information and statistics.
*The topics for assignment three are listed below:
o Health: Obesity, opioid abuse, alcohol abuse, cigarette taxes.
o Criminal Justice: death penalty, drug policy, and gun control.
o Culture and Society: abortion, arts, and civil rights.
o Economic Affairs: budget and taxes.
o Education: school safety.
o Environment: air quality and global warming*

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