• TASK 1: INTRODUCTION (1000): Please try to make every point included here a su

TASK 1: INTRODUCTION (1000): Please try to make every point included here a sub-heading(structure)
>Introduce my topic (above caption) and my sociological argument is that e-cigarette is seen as a healthy alternative to smoking in the UK while it is not. +Introduce the fathers of sociologists and their dominant sociological theories briefly and discuss briefly their origin and sociological thoughts or view they hold…Conflict theory – Marxism + Symbolic Interactionalism + Functionalism (think about these sociological theories and what influence they have on young people’s perception and use of e-cigarettes, what are their advantages and disadvantages, Critic them. how does this institution shape young people’s perception of e-cigarette that interest me, does young people have agency, when can a child or young person be influenced by some of these theoretical thought)?

> Identify a Sociologist, Functionalism + How Anthony Giddens (theory of saturation applies to young people perception on e-cigarette & how subcultures are emerging). Discuss Anthony Giddens idea of signification and legitimisation of e-cigarette in depth through the lens of my topic, look at the leadership of public health in the UK (Public health England), Why is vaping acceptable and smoking not acceptable. have an outline of your sociological thoughts, discuss the sociological impact of the theory of structure and agency and the application of sociological theories to public health in relation to young people’s acceptance and uptake of e-cigarettes, the structure and systems that shape their thoughts.

>Conclusion- Talk about sociology in public health based on structure and agency, how sociology applies in PH. Why sociology is important in public health (PH), How structure and agency reflect causation. When it corms to Public health, What is health promotion used for?? What is the use or role of Health Promotion in Public health of today??

Think: Shape your discussion in this conclusion to relate the 3 qualities that social practice needs for a system to exist.
1) Material
2) Competence of individuals
3) Sociological meaning
1) Show the historical development of thoughts
2) More up to date research paper. Look at systematic review not older than 2 years and meta-analysis to find the contested knowledge and accepted knowledge.
3)Do more literature review and argue your point from different perspective but don’t allow your voice to be lost.
4)In your writing, unpack things slowly and always have why ready in all you write as evidence by other scholars.
5)Tell the reader where you are coming from and don’t expect the reader to know your thoughts.
6)Convince the reader you have read all the evidence + State your position +Defend why you chose it + Know the alternatives positions & why you don’t choose others but yours+ you can also borrow a leaf from my previous order with you guys also attached here.
A good assignment would include evidence of Learning Outcomes:
1. Critical engagement with sociological theories within different contexts and contrasting different approaches to explaining society.
2. Systematic identification and engagement with differing sociological perspectives and understanding of health and wellbeing.
3. Contextualisation of sociological theory as a means of understanding change in the arena of public health and wellbeing.
4. Critical engagement with the idea of differing interpretations of contemporary phenomena according to contrasting theoretical principles.
5. Synthesis of elements of theory as a means of enhancing understanding of professional practice in the context of public health and wellbeing.

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