Targeted Outcomes This assessment is designed to assess students’ achievement of

Targeted Outcomes
This assessment is designed to assess students’ achievement of the following Module Intended
Learning Outcomes (MILOs):
1. develop airport retailing plan with reference to the structure and operations of retail industry
and airport retail location planning;
2. formulate airport retailing strategies and identify relevant performance measures for
monitoring progress and effectiveness; and
3. examine the trends in airport retailing to aid long-term planning and development.
Project Report Requirements:
A) Role-play assessment (20%)
You are a group of managers (4 to 6 members) of a sizable company (either international or
local), specializing in some commercial sales areas, such as duty free shopping business, highend luxury products, restaurants, souvenir shops etc.
Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has invited a number of tenders for bidding different
business contracts of a variety of airport business services in HKIA for a term of 5 years (2023-
2028). You are appointed by the company’s CEO to form a Project Team, and you team is
responsible for winning the HKIA’s tender.
The Project Team is required to conduct a role-play on showing the airport retail strategies,
adopted by the company, before the submission of the tender. The role-play should cover the
a) The retail business selected for the project (i.e. brief situation analysis)
b) The key areas of discussions for the project (i.e. commercial, operational dimensions)
should include:
– the roles and responsibilities of each project team member
– analysis of current airport retail environment
– brief analysis of airport retail planning, shop design and retail strategies
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong)
Department of Hospitality
TOU4409 Airport Commercial Operations
1. Prepare a 12 to 15-minute role-play (excluding 5 minutes Q & A session)
2. The role-play should be creative, organized, and should be in a total team
3. Creative audio-visual support should be used
4. PowerPoint Handouts:
– No more than 6 slides on each page with A4 size paper
– Every page must be numbered
– Cover page should include:
 Programme Code & Title
 Class
 Module Code & Title
 Name of Lecturer
 Full name of group members and student numbers

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