Talk to ONE PERSON who has engaged in deviant behavior or has broken the formal

Talk to ONE PERSON who has engaged in deviant behavior or has broken the formal law (or draw from your own personal experience, if you have any), and understand why he or she broke the law or engaged in some sort of deviant behavior. It can be a simple (or a more complicated) norm violation, including fighting, cheating on exams, speeding, stealing, drawing graffiti, using drugs, selling illegal goods, etc.
Explain the “crime” and the circumstances and provide a personal explanation as to why it seems the “crime” was committed (motivation and circumstances) from the interviewees.
If you are interviewing someone who has not committed a “crime”, explain why that might be from their perspective
You must analyze the interview according to any 2 theories covered throughout the semester (crime or no crime).
I encourage you to use a minimum of two direct quotes in your paper.
Your safety is of the utmost importance. You may interview a neighbor, roommate, family member or other individual you feel comfortable conducting this interview on. DO NOT expose yourself (or others) to settings where your health and safety may become compromised (Zoom or other virtual interviews may be conducted with the consent of your interviewee). If you are unclear of where to begin, contact the instructor.
Your paper must be at least 5 pages, excluding cover, reference, and appendix pages. Do not use the real name of your interviewee or other identifiable information in the paper.

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