talk about how the invasion of privacy can happen to anyone and not just celebri

talk about how the invasion of privacy can happen to anyone and not just celebrities
Double-spaced Times New Roman 12 Font.
Strong thesis statement – use the thesis formula you learned in class.
Proper in-text citation.
Use of the quotation formula you learned in class.
Annotated bibliography for all sources. List in alphabetical order
Page numbers with your last name on the top right side of the paper.
Paragraphs that are five to six sentences long.
Keep references to Coates and Buckley and add one quote from Stephanie Ericsson’s “The Ways We Lie.” You need a thesis statement, concise topic sentences, four quotes only (could be three from Buckley and one from Coates or two from Buckley and two from Coates.) I want to see four quotes only and proper in-text citation. Use the quotation formula
FOUR additional OUTSIDE SOURCES – no older than 2020 or 2021.
At least three examples from current events – no older than 2020 or 2021 to support your argument.
Make your third paragraph – the so what paragraph. Readers want to know how large is the problem. Is it limited to New York City, nationwide, or a global issue? This is a great place to provide statistics from reliable sources. Make sure you credit your source in the paragraph.
You will create the sixth paragraph as your counter-argument. Readers want to know what are some of the factors (social, political, cultural – for example) that might have contributed to the silence from the groups or individuals addressed in your argument.
You need specific factors that can be credited to an organization or better yet an individual such as an organization’s spokesperson, chief executive or vice president/civic leader.
No wide gaps between paragraphs.
Remember new thought/quote deserves its own paragraph with a concise topic sentence.
Smooth transitions.
Avoid repetition and run-on sentences.
Craft a conclusion that looks forward. Readers want to know what could happen if the trend continues. How will it affect society in the long run? Remember, conclusions are paragraphs that should be five to six sentences long.

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