Take a stand. Which side are you on? In this two-page (at least 550 words) pap

Take a stand. Which side are you on? In this two-page (at least 550 words) paper select either the pluralist or the power elite model of political power and argue in support of the perspective you choose.
In other words, discuss why you think that the model you choose is the most accurate depiction of who holds power in the United States and list the reasons why you think this. Include in your paper a discussion of two articles that support your point of view.
*Please see attached grading rubric and doc file of textbook information.
Please use/ include:
-In-text citations APA 7th ed.
-Reference & title page APA 7th ed.
-Use included textbook as 1 source and use 1 additional source (total of 2)
-Times New Roman, 12 pt. front, double spaced.
– file as docx or Microsoft doc.
Textbook information has been included, please use the information provided, in the essay, and please mark the use or citation of this information as in-text citation: (Brinkerhoff et al., 2014) and reference page citation: Brinkerhoff, D. B., Weitz, R., & Ortega, S. T. (2014). The Study of Sociology. In Essentials of sociology. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

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