Submit in MS Word format ONLY. PDF documents will not be accepted Research and p

Submit in MS Word format ONLY. PDF documents will not be accepted
Research and prepare a 1,000 word report on the Australian healthcare system. In your report you are to discuss how the various aspects of the Australian healthcare system influences how you can work as an Complementary Medicine practitioner in Australia. You are expected to use recognised industry language and terminology in your report. You should include the following points in your discussion:
a. The scope of you own practice and limitations of own role within the health system.
b. Up to date information about local health care systems and services which can link to and support your
c. Client financial and eligibility issues.
d. Ways in which you can maintain, extend and update your knowledge as an Complementary Medicine
healthcare practitioner
e. Current and emerging health industry issues.
As part of your research for this assignment you should investigate and consider the following –
1. The structure, function and interrelationships of the Australian health care system, including health care professions and allied health services and their interrelations and relationship.
2. The Australian health system funding and financial structures, and implications for practice and clients, including:
a. The public and private systems.
b. Health fund eligibility.
3. At least ten linked health care systems and services that are available in your local area to which you may refer
clients. Where you would begin to research and maintain information on health services that support your practice? What strategies can you use to establish and develop effective relationships with workers from different sectors and levels in the healthcare industry.
4. How you can offer current and accurate information about other health care services to your clients.
5. How you would discuss financial and eligibility issues with clients.
6. Ongoing professional education resources.
7. Why it is essential to work collaboratively to seek and share information with other healthcare professionals.
Utilise a wide range of resources for your research. You may find some of the following sources helpful: althAust ry Medicine%20Medicine


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