•Submit a group paper (no longer than 5 pages, font 12, double spaced) describin

•Submit a group paper (no longer than 5 pages, font 12, double spaced) describing how you as a group applied the problem-solving methodology to your given task
•First page should summarize the description of the situation and the scope of work
•then 3 pages to Describe the discussion and resources around: problem list, problem areas, identification of issues, problem statement, root cause analysis, and suggested alternative solutions
•then a page to include the reference list (must be submitted APA format)
We have the following problem:
“The Internist’s clinic starts at 9:00 and finishes at 12:00. He has 20 patients booked to see him. By 12:30 he notices the waiting area is still full. He asks the clerks outside what is going on. They tell him that in addition to the booked patients, he also has 10 patients who showed up as walk-ins, referred from the ER and other Clinics in the hospital. He ends up finishing at 13:30. Because of the poor OPD coordination, patients are complaining, the staff are angry they are missing their break, and the physician due to start at 13:00 is complaining because he’s being delayed.”
the last page should be the innovation page. Please refer to the image attached with the title “innovation page”:
the first point (conduct a brainstorming session) should be written as 1 paragraph which covers: How was the brainstorming done which includes the setting, method, and what ideas were proposed
the Second point (describe the Innovation you propose) should be the second paragraph
All the other points from the “innovation page” image should be answered as points in a third paragraph
Kindly refer to the document “sample” attached because our paper needs to be written like it. And please refer to the grading criteria attached because it should be followed.

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