Strategic Marketing Plan/Marketing Metrics The owners of The Westside Coffee Com

Strategic Marketing Plan/Marketing Metrics
The owners of The Westside Coffee Company have asked you to help them define their target audience a bit more clearly.
Create a 4- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you develop a consumer persona for each of the five segments using the Westside Coffee Company Customer Segments.
Create an annual marketing plan for The Westside Coffee Company using the marketing calendar template. Assign a budgeted amount to each marketing activity in the plan to calculate a total marketing budget. Use estimated costs from prior assignments as a guideline for allocating a budget amount to each marketing activity you include on the spreadsheet.
Perform a breakeven analysis using the following assumptions. Show your calculation.
Retail Coffee Shop Store:
Price of a cup of coffee: $6.00
Profit per cup: $4.00
Average daily customers: 750 customers
Determine whether your annual marketing budget falls within 7% to 10% of profits. Calculate this by dividing your marketing budget by the annual profit to determine the percentage. Show your calculation. If it does not fall within that 7-10% range, explain how you will adjust the budget to meet that requirement. 
Submit the PowerPoint presentation, marketing calendar, and break-even / budget analysis as 3 separate documents.

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