Short Response (200-250 words). Answer one of the following: Why does Hispanic/L

Short Response (200-250 words). Answer one of the following:
Why does Hispanic/Latino racial identity defy categorization or easy labeling? How is Hispanic/Latino or Latin American identity so complex?
How has the dynamic of oppression and resistance defined the Mexican-American experience through the different episodes discussed in this course?
Essay (700-900 words). Answer one of the following:
Discuss the transformation of immigration to the United States from Latin America as represented in American cinema from the Post-World War II era to the present. Make sure to include historical and political contexts when discussing the films.
Analyze the relationship of the Latino bandit with authority figures from Murrieta, El Zorro to No Country For Old Men, and Scarface. What changed in this relationship and what do these changes reflect?
Based on the films watched, describe the representation of the border and its relationship to Latino identity and experience in the United States?
How are Mexican immigrants represented as anonymous or dangerous figures in the films Border Incident, The Border, and No Country For Old Men?

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