Scenario You have been working as a youth counselor/case manager for an agency t

You have been working as a youth counselor/case manager for an agency that has both residential and non-residential programs. Your supervisor is Jean Johnson. Federico Vasquez is the newest client at this facility in the non-residential program for the s tatus offenses of truancy and unruly behavior. Mr. Vasquez has recently been charged with the criminal offense of burglary which is a felony. Mr. Vasquez is a 16-year-old hispanic, male who has a history of alcohol and marijuana abuse. After struggling with behavioral problems and poor attendance, he recently dropped out of high school. It has not yet been determined if he has a learning disability or a mental health diagnosis such as ADD/ADHD. His older brother was removed from the home a year ago; his mother is on social services and is a recovering opiate addict. He was physically abused by his father who is now in state prison after being convicted of burglary. Below are six projects you will work through during the session, beginning with memos to your supervisor accumulating information pertaining to Mr. Vasquez and culminating with a memo to the judge arguing either for or against judicial waiver to adult criminal court.
Compose a formal letter to the Judge, Honorable William Wolbert, who is assigned to this case. Outline Mr. Vasquez’s background, risk factors, current status with your program (you may choose compliant or non-compliant). Use your problem-solving skills to propose a formal recommendation that is appropriate for Mr. Vasquez as a resolution of this case. You must argue for or against the impact of juvenile transfer and judicial waivers on the adjudication of juvenile offenders based on his new criminal charge. This is a culminating letter which summarizes information from prior weeks.

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