Researching: (1) Report COVID-19-related secondary data about your selected peop

(1) Report COVID-19-related secondary data about your selected people/place/population (infection rates, hospitalization rates, death-mortality rates, vaccination rates, any other NUMBERS you can find to help set the stage for me the reader to appreciate the scope and intensity of whatever you’re reporting, analyzing, and explaining to me). The New York Times as an awesome site here. I believe you get a free subscription if you’re a student–do a chat with someone on the library homepage if you need help with that. (That’s what I did, because I couldn’t get the subscription to work.)
(2) Remember, though, COVID-19 doesn’t happen in a public health vacuum. Provide other important key public health data: infant mortality rates, life expectancy, and other diseases and vulnerabilities that plague the people/place–unemployment, violent crime, etc. Search the city or neighborhood, even the zip code, and type “COVID” and see what you get.
(3) Enter social science: What else is written about your people/population? You’ll really need to be creative and comprehensive in your use of the course’s key concepts in this part to analyze what’s been reported. Flesh out those numbers from (1) and (2) and tell me what they mean!
(4) To help ensure the paper doesn’t become a bunch of numbers and quotes stitched together from other writers, and to make the paper an assessment on a par with the final exam of conceptual knowledge gained in this course, describe the relevance of EACH article’s key concepts to your “people’s” COVID experience, or at least what’s known of it. For example, clearly there’s no assemblages study yet of COVID anywhere (as far as I know), but apply that article by describing, briefly (~ 5 sentences), how you would draw on that study to design your own similar study and what you expect you might find. If you leave out this conceptual piece, or it’s not very strong (e.g., it’s not clear to me that you’re applying the concept meaningfully, or you keep using the same 3 concepts over and over), it will be hard for me to give you a high grade.
This is not a reflection piece on your experiences of COVID-19. It should not be written in the first-person voice (i.e., no “I”). It’s a report of others’ experiences from a social science perspective using the concepts in this course and whatever data you can find “out there.”
The quality of the writing matters to your grade. If you do not feel you are a strong writer, you should write a draft ASAP and book an appt ASAP with the Writing Center. I cannot assign an A or even a high B to a paper that is not well written. Your CTW grades may be a sign of the grade you’d earn on such a paper. If this doesn’t feel doable or desirable, elect to take the final exam instead.
****There are two parts: the research and the writing, and it should add up to 7 pages (1.5 spaced, not double-spaced).***
*** Please use a place outside the US***
**** I have attached a powerpoint of concepts in my class to apply in some aspects to the paper***

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