research/opinion paper answering the following questions. Use APA format for you

research/opinion paper answering the following questions. Use APA format for your citations. You will not need to include an abstract. Quote at least 2 academic resources. Use section headings to separate your explanation of each topic numbered below.
Describe at least two male-female psychological differences related to sexual desire. How has this been understood/misunderstood in the past, and what do you think can be done to protect the next generation from some of the problems experienced by previous generations?
Distinguish between the terms homophobia and antigay prejudice. What are some ways that individuals can encourage greater safety for all members of the community?
Briefly explain some of the methods used to treat sexual variations and paraphilias. Imagine that you are talking to a teenager who is justifiably curious about how to distinguish between “being judgmental” about sexual practices and “identifying a dangerous or problematic sexual behavior” – how would you explain the difference to them?
The #MeToo Movement has highlighted how often individuals are not believed when they disclose abuse or violation. How would you respond to a person who says that “rape accusations are often false, and are just intended to ruin men’s reputations” ?

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