Purpose: The final individual paper is designed to assist students in understand

Purpose: The final individual paper is designed to assist students in understanding diversity and developing teambuilding knowledge and skills in order to be expected to possess in their leadership traits and demonstrate the values in their actions reflected in the class.
Description: Students will develop their individual teambuilding plan based on their knowledge and understanding of leadership and diversity over the past seven weeks. The following contents should be included in your final individual paper:
• Analyze your own leadership style and personality towards teambuilding. The analysis of results from your self-assessments can be used.
• Identify the values and traits that make contributions to building a more diversified and efficient team.
• Articulate the principles you want to model and inspire in others and state how you will communicate these principles and values to the people you lead.
• Illustrate what behaviors you need to improve upon overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team based on the reading materials and your experience.
• Make a list of priorities and select some most important behaviors to focus upon. Explain why they are important.
• Develop innovative solutions to build a more effective and efficient team through the combined use of organizational knowledge, diversity and leadership skills.
• Course textbooks/materials are suggested to be used for your reference.
Format: The paper, featuring the proposed analyses and understanding, should be five to seven typewritten double-spaced pages in 12-point font, APA format. Follow the “Written Communication Rubric” on Moodle. The seven-page maximum does not include the cover page and table of contents, references, and optional appendices.
Assessment: The final paper will be evaluated for: (1) the quality of its content, organization, presentation and writing; (2) the extent to which it is logical, clear, precise and concise; (3) the alignment between the students’ analyses of required readings and the development of understanding on diversity and teambuilding, and leadership skills in this course; and (4) how well the paper’s content supports achievement of the course’s learning outcomes.

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