Prompt- Your task for this assignment is to create a virtual exhibit about a les

Your task for this assignment is to create a virtual exhibit about a lesser-known person, group, or event that you think belongs in a Museum of Women’s History that demonstrates your subject’s significance. You aren’t just telling your audience about her/them/it; you are convincing them that they/it are historically significant, that they changed and/or illuminate something important about the past. This should be something an “average” person doesn’t know about and/or isn’t aware of the history behind it.
To do this successfully, you will have to do outside research on you person/subject. This will likely include scholarly articles, reputable contemporary journalism, and additional primary sources, as well as the images you select to represent your subject.
You can create your exhibit in Trello or PowerPoint. You will create a minimum of seven slides excluding the title and works cited slides. Your slides should be presented in an order that makes a clear case for your subject’s inclusion in the Museum; think of each slide as equivalent to a paragraph in a paper (i.e., introduction/historical significance, point 1a, point 1b, point 2a, point 2b point 3, conclusion/ongoing significance). You are welcome but not required to use this template (which you are free to redesign as you think fit!).
Each slide must have:
an image with a citation and a 1-2 sentence caption
a summary of the larger point the card/slide makes
an explanation of how the image is connected to your subject (if it’s not clear from the summary)
a quote from or reference to at least one primary source from class or that you’ve found in your research
one or more citations to either course readings or outside articles from scholarly journals or reputable news sources
Overall, a successful exhibit will have these characteristics:
Makes a persuasive argument for the inclusion of your subject;
Presents relevant images that support a larger point;
Employs a well-organized structure, in which each card/slide builds logically upon the prior one;
Uses specific evidence/quotations from both primary and secondary sources;
Makes use of 5 or more reputable outside sources;
Uses evidence from at least 5 scholarly essays and 5 primary sources from the course readings;
Includes complete citations for all quotes and for others’ ideas

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