Please write this paper in Latex. Take everything that is written in the Word pa

Please write this paper in Latex.
Take everything that is written in the Word paper, (which is the first two sections of my dissertation, Introduction and Literature Review)
and write the whole thing in a LaTex form paper with possibility to add on it as this is just the beginning and we will be adding technical stuff to it.
However (word) is not accepted.
The context is approved but needs to be written as a LaTex paper
I will Also be adding the professor’s recording with regards to this specific part (the first two parts) and mistakes we did and what minor things need to be improves which are shaded is the color grey/.
Please listen to the Proffesor’s recording and check what minor things we did wrong so that you fix it, for example so previous literature review duplication etc. you just hear him our and you will get it. Thank you!!
(Most Recent Recording)
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Password: wec+H?f3
(The one before)Share recording with viewers:
Password: Da?0DVF.
BTW I uploaded the same paper twice just one newer than the other, don.t think that they are different they are the same paper.
Please have the minor issue polisged and change it into a LaTex document for a Word one.
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converting doc word to Latex paper

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