Please write an essay on one of the following three topics. Your typed essay sho

Please write an essay on one of the following three topics. Your typed essay should be 3-4 double-spaced pages (a standard double-spaced page has about 300 words). You should make sure that your essay develops a clear argument. In writing your essay, you should draw exclusively on this course’s readings, podcasts, podcast/class outlines, and/or texts that we discussed in our class sessions (all available on Canvas). If you wish, you may also draw on the PowerPoint images that were shown in class and that have been posted to Canvas. Please use the documents I have attached as the main sources for this essay. No additional sources are needed. The two untitled documents are class notes. They describe US policies towards latin america, and the Andean strategy. Please use these documents as primary sources. Explain the origins and effects of the US-sponsored “War on Drugs” in the Andes. How did the Andean Strategy signal a major departure from past anti-drug policies the U.S. pursued in the Andes? What are the main objectives of the Andean Strategy? How and why have these objectives not yet been met? Finally, discuss the political, social, and economic effects of the “War on Drugs” by focusing on the case of Bolivia.

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