Please use the company CDK for the company. Interview-based Paper on the five qu

Please use the company CDK for the company. Interview-based Paper on the five questions referenced in the Ducker (2015) book. A summary of those questions are attached. Interview questions are 1. What Is Our Mission? – Customer Service… – What Are We Trying to Achieve? – What Are the Significant External or Internal Challenges, Opportunities, and Issues? – Does Our Mission Need to Be Revisited? 2. Who are our customers? – Create a list of primary and supporting customers—volunteers, members, partners, funders, referral sources, employees, and others—both inside and outside the organization who must be satisfied. – What value do we provide each of these customers? – Should We Add or Delete Some Customers? 3. What does the customer(s) value? – What are our customers’ long-term aspirations, and what is our capacity and competency to deliver on those aspirations? – How well does your organization provide what each of your customers considers value? – What do our supporting customers consider value? 4. What are our results? – How Do We Define Results for Our Organization? – To What Extent Have We Achieved These Results? – How Well Are We Using Our Resources? 5. What is our plan? – What Have We Learned, and What Do We Recommend? – Where Should We Focus Our Efforts? – What, If Anything, Should We Do Differently? – What Is Our Plan to Achieve Results for the Organization? *Please use the template attached for formatting. *Please use the following for references 1. 2. Dye, K., Mills, A. J., & Weatherbee, T. (2005). Maslow: Man interrupted: Reading management theory in context. Management Decision, 43(10), 1375-1395. Weisbord, M. (2011). 3 Taylor, McGregor and me. Journal of Management History, 17(2), 165-177. 4. Drucker, P. F. (with Hesselbein, F., Kuhl, J. S., Banks, B., Bias, L. M., Bordas, J., Braun, A. . . . Rodin, J.) (2015). Peter 5. Drucker’s five most important questions: Enduring wisdom for today’s leaders. Wiley & Sons

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