Please reply to A should be at least 200 words in length

Please reply to A should be at least 200 words in length
Community Health nursing one has enabled me to have a greater understanding of the role of public health nurses in the community. Through the Coronavirus pandemic we have seen an influx in jobs for public health nurses and their services. Many communities had never before been face with the challenges that the pandemic imposed.
Regarding the first objective for this class, examining the roles that meet emerging health needs, I have been able to do this through the education of this class. There are needs in every community that are not met on the individual basis. Some communities with minority under fortunate populations have more needs that others. Community health nurses poses many conflicts when attempting to provide service as stated in the second objective for this class. As nurses we often have to put our own views aside to serve the community and do what is ethically right despite our beliefs.
In regards to objective three for this class, there are many strategies that can be used by public health nurses to eliminate disparities with vulnerable populations in the communities. I think that education is an extremely important strategy that needs to be used. Many vulnerable populations simply are just uneducated. Another resource that can be used is education on resources. Sometimes people do not have the means to make it to an appointment or the finances to purchase supplies or medications. This in itself creates issues and places challenges to getting and staying healthy.
In regards to objective number four, the predictions for trends in lifestyles that affect the health of future communities has been easier to evaluate after taking this class. Trends typically wax and wane. As with the Coronavirus pandemic we have seen trends in cases rise and then fall. I think that what the media always portray is not always an accurate example of what is going on. However, when community health nurses gather data I do feel that this is an accurate reflection of trends in the direct communities our community health nurses are working in. Planning, analyzing, implementing, and evaluating of public health surveillance and outbreak investigation are a huge role of what community health nurses do. This can be challenging as often vulnerable populations are non-complaint for many different reasons.
Regarding the last objective for this public health nursing class, there are many strategies to deliver nursing care preparedness, response, and recovery phases of disaster management. Many community health departments have specific teams for each of these things. In regards to disaster management there are often local response teams and then after that agencies like FEMA or the American Red Cross often respond.
Please reply to B should be at least 200 words in length
Community Health Nursing was an enjoyable course. Not only was it manageable over the holidays, I felt each module was interesting and gave me a better understanding of public health nursing from the structure studied week by week. Each week I was able to build upon more knowledge on the various concepts and duties involving the community and public health nursing. Initially helpful was the review of the current practice involving cultural language barriers and how it becomes impactful along with the discussion on aging biases experienced in current nursing practice. I was able to meet module one course objective by developing a plan of care on aging bias. Even though I consider myself not biased as I work and adore the elderly, it was impactful putting together a plan of care. After completing two separate interviews with a elderly patient discussing the individual’s demographics, experiences and coping skills helped me to experience the role of a community health nurse and ways to improve or eliminate health disparities of the aging population. Before this course I had not heard of the geriactric depression scale, Fulmer Spices and a patient stress questionnaire. I can appreciate now the use of these scales and how helpful and necessary they are for the community health nurse and improve the outcome of our patients. Another aspect of community health involvement and area of public health nursing I felt was so vast was learning their role during a disaster. Explored and learned were strategies, preparedness, response and recovery steps during disaster management. According to Rowney & Barton, 2005 public health nurses are considered the most trusted healthcare professionals. They are strong advocates for quality and ethical outcomes of communities (Rowney & Barton, 2005). Additionally I personally experienced a thorough review on how a community health nurse is involved at the school health level. How extremely important the role is especially when dealing with LGBT, the many struggles and misconceptions make a community nurse even more useful and needed. The current lifestyle changes during the pandemic, vaccines and mask mandates the list goes on. I am so much more aware and appreciative of our community health nurses after taking this course. My nursing experience is working telemetry, ICU and now the cath lab. This is what I love about nursing and why I chose a career in nursing. We are needed at so many levels throughout the community and in hospital care and I continue to be grateful after twenty plus years of nursing. Keep up the excellent work my fellow nurses. Hallelujah!
Rowney, R., & Barton, G. (2005). The role of public health nursing in emergency preparedness and response. The Nursing clinics of North America, 40(3), 499–ix.

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