Please identify and discuss the key issues presented by the following scenario (

Please identify and discuss the key issues presented by the following scenario (similar to the mid-term exam):
Maximum 1,500 Words
“Houses for Everyone” is a development company seeking to build a project with 1,000 residential units, along with a neighborhood commercial center and a small concert venue (1,500 seats), including appropriate signage to advertise the businesses and concerts. The neighborhood commercial center and concert venue would be sold/leased to other businesses. The project would be located on 20 acres of property in the City of “High Rents” (fictional location), which has a limited amount of affordable housing.
The City of High Rents lacks community meeting space and proposes to condition project approval on requiring Houses for Everyone to make the concert venue available to the City at least 6 times a year for public events free of charge to the City. The City of High Rents is also requiring that the developer 1) dedicate 0.5 acres for a mobility hub and 2) pay development fees for the acquisition of parkland, transportation mobility and libraries.
The 20-acre project site is adjacent to a neighborhood of single-family homes, and the homeowners’ association (HOA) for the neighborhood objects to the “Houses for Everyone” project. The HOA members also claim that they saw bulldozers on the “Houses for Everyone” site grading the property, although the City has not yet approved the project. The HOA members are just starting to participate in project proceedings, and the HOA is trying to get approval from its members to fund a challenge to any City approval of the project by lawsuit or by referendum.

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