Please choose ONE of the articles posted below and write a 2-page reaction paper

Please choose ONE of the articles posted below and write a 2-page reaction paper on it. There are no specific requirements about what to write about but please talk about whatever you find interesting. The paper will be a 2-page Word document using a 12-point font, normal default margins, and double spacing. It must be at least 1.75 pages and not more than 2.25 pages long. Please include a title page with your info and the name of the article, 2 pages of writing, and a bibliography of the paper you picked.
Think of this like a “reaction paper”… I do not want a book report in which you just tell me about the article. I prefer to see your “reactions”; i.e., what you learned, was it interesting, did it agree/disagree with what we talked about in class, why you picked it, etc. So, start the paper with a brief paragraph about the main findings of the article and then give me your thoughts and opinions on it. You will be graded on how much of the 2 pages is your ideas about the article, the clarity with which you present your ideas, and how well you can relate what you found to class.
Below are some suggestions (not requirements) to help with the rest of the paper:
why you pick the article and why it is interesting to you
insights you learned from the article that you think is important
how this article relates to a class topic
anything else you think is relevant
inlcued bibliography please

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