Please add Sources: minimum of 4 – one (1) peer-reviewed journal article, two (2

Please add
Sources: minimum of 4 – one (1) peer-reviewed journal article, two (2) newspaper articles, one (1) social media post. You are welcome to add more sources if you wish after you meet the requirement.
Essay instructions-
Writing Situation: You are submitting the results of your research to your professor, a scholar but who may not be familiar with the topic you have chosen to investigate. You are demonstrating your understanding of a complex subject with a variety of viewpoints from a variety of stakeholders.
Write a researched argument about the issue you have chosen. Please use the following as a roadmap:
● Begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to (“they say”);
● Have a clear statement of your own argument (“I say”);
● Include quotes that are under 40 words and incorporate them smoothly, including explaining them thoroughly;
● Point out possible objections to your argument;
● Use appropriate transitions;
● Explain why the issue matters;
● Add metacommentary;
● Include your own voice even though this is academic writing.
+ Conclusion
Please put my essay into the outline of the bullet points and get rid of anything unnecessary. It needs to be 5-7 pages.

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