Peter Singer: Animal Ethics Research Paper/Final Exam: Choose a living philosoph

Peter Singer: Animal Ethics
Research Paper/Final Exam:
Choose a living philosopher and a current global topic;
write about how they communicate their professional ethics and values through
their published works. How does the current global topic relate and/or not
relate to their works? Length six pages, submitted through canvas by 5 pm
on the published UVU’s course finals day. The research paper will go through
UVU’s plagiarism checker.
1. Research the philosopher/topic (5 pts.) / i.e.
Introduce the philosopher in the beginning of your paper.
2. Discuss in your paper on how the philosopher
communicated their professional ethics and values through your chosen
topic and the philosopher’s published work(s).
3. To answer the questions from the syllabus you
might have to delve into the philosopher’s other published works and theories.
If works are co-written focus only on your philosopher’s contribution (10 pts.)
4. Is the topic you have chosen of global concern? (5
5. Does this global topic relate or not relate to their
own academic work? (5 pts.)
See the first page of the syllabus
for professional communication values & philosophical theories (5 pts.)
Professional Communication values are:
1. Integrity
2. Objectivity
3. Professional Competence
4. Confidentiality
5. Professional Behavior
Theories we will encounter are:
1. Consequentialism
2. Deontology
3. Justice as Fairness
4. Utilitarianism
5. Virtue Ethics
6. Care Ethics
See the paper specifics below & check grammar (5 pts.):
Eight sources must be cited and
appropriately referenced. Academic Sources for citations: scholarly
publications, books, professional conferences, government documents, theses
& dissertations, professional/trade sources, peer-reviewed sources, etc. /
(10 pts.)
Non-Academic Sources – DO NOT USE:
Wiki’s, newspapers, journals, letters, etc. – Check the source, before you use
Paper specifics
Title page, Times New
Roman, 12 point font, 1-inch margins, minimum of eight educational resources
included as a 7th page; those eight resources must be appropriately
cited in the paper, according to APA 7th Ed.; total length of paper,
eight pages.

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