Part 1 of the assignment consists on submitting a reading aloud lesson plan ( or

Part 1 of the assignment consists on submitting a reading aloud lesson plan ( or any other type of lesson) in which you will use translanguaging in any language you’d like. Week #13 will prepare you and guide you through this assignment. Several samples have been attached to the assignment overview, and you will find more detailed instructions on blackboard, Week #13.
PART #1.
For this assignment, you will create and implement a lesson for your class using Translanguaging (Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, or any other language). A reading lesson in any content area will probably be the easiest way to implement translanguaging strategies, but you can also create any other type of lesson ( content, vocabulary, hands-on) if you prefer.
Attached, you will find sample lessons on read aloud activities, and a “Translanguaging Guide” document containing numerous examples that are applicable to any subject. Just to be clear, you don’t really need to create a whole new lesson by yourself, you can simply modify an already created lesson or a lesson from a book/ internet by adding translanguaging strategies to it.
To get full credit for the assignment, you are expected to include the following in your submission:
Lesson plan of the lesson ( you decide what format to use) + a sample of an activity that you will use with that lesson ( a hand-out)
A paragraph justifying the use of that lesson and the Translanguaging strategies you selected
A paragraph reflecting on the implementation of the activity once you administer the lesson. Please reflect on what worked well, and not so well, and on the modifications you will need to be added in the future.
For Part 2, you will select one of the topics that we have seen through this course and prepare a small meeting agenda/ PD for your colleagues or hypothetical colleagues, family members, or other members of the community. ( This is intended to be a small PD/ meeting that targets other adults and exposes them to one of the topics that we have seen in the class ( implicit bias, anti-racist education, culturally responsive teaching, fairness, social justice…)
Assignment #2 PD/Grade Team Handout on Ethnic Studies Topic – Due __December 16th (10%) – Create a handout for a grade team, faculty meeting, or professional development meeting to share your learning on a topic with your colleagues. Choice: written and shared in Spanish, English, Chinese…. or any other language you’d like to use ( or using translanguaging)
Your handout must include the following components:
Rationale – Identify the issue by naming at least two instances in your school community and at least two instances in society (i.e. current events).
Problem-Solving – Explain at least two concrete suggestions
Resources – Share at least three resources for your colleagues/ admin to refer to on this issue.
Part 3 is a reflection of your first year back in school, or your first year as a counselor/teacher/social worker/ parent through a global pandemic/ first year taking a multicultural education class/ first year trying to complete your education while dealing with other responsibilities, first year changing carers…. or any other thing you would like to reflect on that shows how you are incorporating both personally and professionally what you have learned in this class.
(Reflections on My Experiences as a Teacher/counselor/parent/ future educator through a pandemic/ or first year teaching/ or first year back to school… Due __December 16th__ (10%) Choice: written and shared in Spanish, English, or using translanguaging)
You will reflect on:
Three incidents across your teaching/education experience/counseling experience/student experience/life experience that relates to our course topics and discussions, connecting to at least three readings in the class (1/2 page)
How your teaching philosophy has changed through this class (I used to think teaching was about … but now I think the following are central to my beliefs about teaching and learning … 1/2 page)
Top three points of advice to incoming cohorts of New York City Teaching Fellows or three points of advices to your “younger you” (1/2 page)

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