Overview Pick an artifact from your Pop Culture Focus Group (health and science

Pick an artifact from your Pop Culture Focus Group (health and science ) to analyze for how well it persuades a particular audience. You should aim to have a clear stance
on what message that artifact is making, be able to support your stance with reasoning and analysis of that message and evaluate the effectiveness of that message.
You will also need to incorporate at least two additional sources as evidence in support of your reasoning and analysis with this assignment. This assignment is
designed to develop your critical thinking skills as they relate to analyzing persuasion and manipulation from various tenors of popular culture towards different
audiences in contemporary culture.
Pop Culture Artifact
For this assignment, pick a popular meme connected to your Pop Culture Focus Group. This meme should be substantial enough as commentary on a particular aspect
of your focus group that you can identify the argument it is making, show how it is making that argument, and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of that argument.
Use at least two additional sources to support your analysis and/or serve as evidence in your evaluation of the meme’s effect on its audience.
Critical School of Thought( gender studies)
Throughout this course so far you have been examining the arguments and questioning process central to your Critical School of Thought. You should be trying to
approach this assignment through the lens of you particular Critical School of Thought Group. Various schools of thought might approach analyzing the same artifact in
different ways. Your job here is to analyze this artifact using an approach that is familiar with your Critical School of Thought group. You

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